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These are the times

    As I watch the growing tension between Iran and Israel, I recognize that the days in which we live have all been written in a book (the Bible) and are now being played out like a script before our eyes.

   God said that the battle in the last days would be for Jerusalem, and all the nations of the earth will come against Israel. That is taking shape now more than ever. Israel is hated without a cause, and despised for simply existing – exactly as God said it would be.

   When Israel revived as a nation in 1948, it fulfilled the prophecy given by Jesus Himself in Matthew 24:32-35, where He refers to Israel prophetically as the fig tree, a nation that would be reborn just prior to the end of this age. He also said that the generation to see this happen would be alive to see His Second Coming.  Could we be that generation? Most prophetic Bible scholars agree that according to all the signs now in place, we very well may be.

   Never before in history was it possible to receive a mark (microchip) that would identify you and could act as your permanent “credit card” to handle and monitor your finances (Revelation 13:17). Technology now allows the whole world to witness live events simultaneously (Revelation 11:9).

  The prophet Ezekiel wrote that Israel will build its Third temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This will happen in the final 7 year tribulation period. Those plans are now in place, the priests are being trained and the temple implements are nearly finished(go to TempleInstitute.org and check it out). All that’s needed is the peace agreement allowing for Israel’s access to Temple Mount so they can build. This peace agreement will likely follow a great war (the one looming?). We are living in the time the prophets wrote about but saw dimly from a distance. We may well see it firsthand.

   What is the point? We shouldn’t just shrug off Israel and the threats against her; because God continues to fulfill His promises to her at this moment. The Bible says that in the end, Jesus Himself will rescue her from her enemies and Israel will recognize Him at last as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:7-10). To come against Israel is in reality to come against God.

   These are the days. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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