What are you waiting for?

Come to Jesus


Are you ready to come to Jesus?

  He has been pursuing you your whole life. No one else in the world loves you like He does. Are you ready for the best news of all? You can come to Him just like you are! You don’t need to clean yourself up before you come to Him, because the truth is, without Him you don’t have the power to change yourself anyway.

  All He asks of you is that you be open and honest with Him – that you simply love and trust Him and believe that He paid the price for your sin when He died on the cross for you. You see, Jesus not only tells you that He loves you, He demonstrated His love for you in the greatest way He knew how; He gave His life for you! Jesus said in John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friend”.

   He offers you forgiveness and eternal life if you will simply turn your heart to Him and receive this free gift from Him. Turn away from the life you have led that has seperated you from Him and turn toward Him to receive His love and acceptance. Invite Him to come into your heart, to live inside of you and to make you brand new from the inside out.

   Just pray a simple prayer to Him expressing your heartfelt appreciation for what He has done to save you. Thank Him for the way He suffered and died on that cross to give you life. Talk to Him simply like you would talk to your closest friend, because that is what He will become. He’ll answer you. You will be aware of His presence in your life. His love will satisfy and sustain you forever.

   If you have decided to trust Jesus with all your heart – congratulations! And welcome to the family of God! We would love to know of your decision so we can send you some free information that will help you in your new life with Jesus. Just e-mail us at considereternity@yahoo.com and let us know where to send it!



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